Each month 16 classes

$100/ monthly fee (Financial aid is available)


We are Muslims, believers of Islam, the fastest growing religion on earth, following the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), which is explained by his companions, companions of the companions and companions of the companions of the companions. With the perspective of Islamic Law, we are Hanafi, referring to Imam Abu Hanifa, one of the four authentic schools of Islamic jurisprudence based on the Holy Quran, Hadith, consensus (ijma) and analogical juristic reasoning (qiyās).
In addition, we love to follow the footsteps of Quran commentators, preservers of Hadith and authentic Muslim scholars, who try their best to present solutions for our problems every single day. I mean the great Muslim scholars around the world, including Imam Ahmad Raza, Sadrush Sharia Shaikh Amjad Ali, Muahaddis-e- Pakistan Shaikh Sardar Ahmad and Qaid-e- Ahle Sunnat Allama Arshadul Qadri (May Allah have mercy upon them all).


It is a two-year course, covering necessary base for an Islamic scholar


It is a one year course which covers the advanced curriculum

Quran Recitation and Hifz

It makes the student learn how to read the Quran and Memorize it in best possible way.

Tajweed and Qirat

It covers the basic and advanced level for the recitation of the Quran.


Know how to read and understand Arabic and Urdu Language.