Dr. Muhammad Jalal Raza

Dr. Muhammad Jalal Raza

Academic Qualifications:
A) Doctor in Islamic studies specialized in Arabic Language, Modern Islamic Thought and Islamic Mysticism from Darul Uloom, Cairo University, Egypt.

Topic of study: “Religious Dialogue between Hindus and Muslims in India during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries”
B) M.Phil. In Islamic Philosophy, College of Darul-`Uloom, Cairo University, Egypt. Research topic: “Sheikh Muhammad Anwarullah Al-Faruqi and his contribution to modern Islamic thought” 2009.
C) M.A. Islamic Philosophy, Faculty of Dar Al Uloom, Cairo University, Egypt.2004
D) B.A. Faculty of Theology, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt. 2003.
E) B.A. in Arabic language and Islamic Sciences, Nizamia University, Hyderabad, Deccan, India. 1997.

Compilation and Authorship:

A) “Philosophy and Islam” translated from Urdu into Arabic, published in Dar al-Bayan, Cairo, 2002.
B) “Al- Qadianiyyah” translated from Urdu into Arabic, printed at Ad-Dar Al-Thaqafiah, Cairo, 2002.
C) “Al-Haqiqah Al-Muhammadiyah” on Islamic Tasawwuf, (The concept of Wahdatul Wujood) printed in Kilany Press, Cairo, Egypt, 2006.

A)“The Family of the Prophet Muhammad In Egypt” Printed in Kilani press, Cairo, Egypt.

A) Translation of the book entitled “Enjoy your life” by Dr. `Abdul Rahman Al Arifi from Arabic into Hindi.
B) Hindi Arabic translator for RASOULALLAH.NET in Cairo.( http://rasoulallah.net/index.php/hi/home)
C) Arabic Urdu translator and reviewer at Egyptian Dar al-Ifta, (http://www.dar-alifta.org/default.aspx?LangID=7&Home=1)
D) Arabic English translator for Alussunnah,( http://www.alssunnahnet.com/en/articles.aspx?article_no=827)
The advisers in the Ph.D. Study included:
1-Professor, Dr. Hasan Mahmood Abdul-Lateef Ash-Shafe`I, Professor, the faculty of Philosophy, Darul uloom, Cairo University, and president of Academy of the Arabic Language in Cairo, Egypt.
2-Professor, Dr. Abdul-Hameed Abdul-Mun’im Madkoor Full-time Professor, faculty of Philosophy, Darul uloom, Cairo University, Egypt.