Maulana Qamaruzzaman Azmi

His Eminence Allama Qamaruzzaman Khan Azmi

(Urdu: قمرالزمان اعظمى) is a prominent Islamic scholar.

His Eminence was born on 23rd March 1946 in the district of Azamgarh in the State of Uttar Paradesh, India to a deeply religious and educated family At very early age, he was admitted into one of India’s best Islamic Institutes, Ashrafia, Azamgarh at the age of twelve. From there he went onto to the famous Nadwat-ul-Ulema University at the age of eighteen where he completed his Aalim degree and then returned to Ashrafia University where he was awarded the Dastar-e-Fazilat (Turban of Honour)and the Sanad (Islamic degree) by the hands of the very founder of that University, His Holiness Hafiz-e-Millat Hazrat Maulana Abdul Aziz Muhaddith-Mubarkpuri.
He was then commissioned in 1966 at the age of eighteen to go to Faizabad to start his missionary work. There at that tender age of eighteen years he established the Islamic University, Al-Jamiatul-Islamia, which is now recognised as one of India’s top Islamic Universities. In 1973 when the agreement to establish the first international Sunni organisation, The World Islamic Mission, was made in the Holy City of Makkah, Qaid-e-Ahlesunnat Hazrat Allama Arshad-ul-Qadri (May Allah be pleased with him) invited Hazrat Allama Azmi to join him as its Joint-Secretary-General and His Eminence then moved to Bradford, UK in 1974
In 2014, 2015 and 2016 he was recognised by The Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought as one of the 500 most influential Muslims in the world due to his efforts in building many organisations and institutions, mosques, colleges and universities all over the world for over five decades
Azmi’s missionary life spans more than fifty years. During this period, he has helped to build many organisations and institutions all over the world such as mosques, Islamic Centers and Schools in Uk, America, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Belgium and India.
His Eminence Allama Qamaruzzaman Azmi is one of the world’s best-known and most widely influential Islamic thinkers, orators, poets and writers. His work has inspired millions of people across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Middle East, South Africa, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Holland, America and Canada raising their vision to higher sights and higher standards and the building of a Muslim personality that goes beyond the status quo.