Mufti Shaykh Faizanul-Mustafa Qadri

Shaykh Faizan ul Mustafa was born in Ghosi, UP, India. Born to Maulana Fida ul Mustafa, the son of Sadr-ush-Sharia Mufti Amjad Ali Aazmi, Shaykh Faizan adheres to his family tradition of expertise in Islamic Jurisprudence. Shaykh Faizan graduated from Jamia Shams ul Uloom in Ghosi in 1991. To study further, he enrolled in Jamia Ashrafia in 1991. Studying there for 6 years, he successfully gained Takhassus (specialization) in Hadith and Fiqh in 1996. He also went to Jamia Nizamuddin Aulia in Delhi for a year. Shaykh Faizan switched gears in his career in 1997, when he started off as a teacher in Jamia Amjadiyya, where he taught for 7 years. Likewise, another major change occurred in his life when he decided to migrate to the United States in 2003. Serving as an Imam in Dallas and Katy, Shaykh Faizan stayed in the United States until 2008. In the year 2008, Shaykh Faizan went back to India to serve as the Shaykh-ul-Hadith in Jamia Amjadiyya. To indoctrinate the Houston Muslim community in the traditional Islamic Sciences, Shaykh Faizan established Al-Noor Islamic College in 2012, and has served as the Dean at AIC ever since.
Shaykh Faizan ul Mustafa is a well accomplished and a highly qualified individual. Along with being an Aalim, he is a Mufti and Shaikh ul Hadith. He graduated as Alim and Fazil from Jamia Ashrafiyah. In terms of teaching, he has 12 years of experience in teaching various subjects which include Tafseer ul Quran, Hadith, and Fiqh at the Highest Level in Dar ul Uloom Amjaddiyah. Shaykh Faizan is also an Executive Member of the Sharaee Council of India (Bareilly, UP). Furthermore, he has successfully conducted two Islamic Diploma courses in Houston. Additionally, he has authored many books and articles dealing with Islamic legal issues.