Quran Recitation and Hifz

Quran Recitation and Hifz

We provide recitation of the Holy Quran and Hifz, maintaining the Tajweed Rule of the Holy Quran. For this purpose, we do not focus on how many pages, a student is reading, rather we keep an eye on the quality of the recitation. Our experience is that when a child/person knows the correct way or reading Quran, then finishing it, is never be a problem for them. Therefore, after finishing basic Qaida, thirteenth chapter (Amma Para) is the main part of the Quran, which takes longer time, after that rest of it is very easy.

This will be one on one based class.

Four year old or more, boys and girls may enrol in this class.

After evaluation of the students, book/chapter of the Quran will be suggested.

Tuition Fees will be $50/Monthly/Student.

Note: After completing this course a student will be eligible to take admission in the three years course of Alim.